Shiroito Show - English Translation/Esp Traducción Español

Ages ago, I translated this song and posted it in the now defunct Vocaloid Otaku forums. It seems my original version was completely erased from the interwebs due to this, and I can't find if I saved it somewhere. Since I was reminded about it by someone in DA, and I really should practice my Japanese/translation skills now and then, I decided to translate it again. Enjoy.

Esta es una nueva traducción de la canción, dado que la primera versión que subí a los foros de VocaloidOtaku desapareció del internet y alguien en DA me la pidió.

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Nocturne - NATARIE IN THE DREAM (ESP Traducción/ENG Translation)

So I'm sorting the files in my Google Drive and I found this ancient translation I haven't apparently posted here.

For the record, the songs in NATARIE IN THE DREAM's Nocturne are among the songs I love the most in general, and have greatly influenced my mental image of Gakupo. I greatly recommend them, even if they use V2 Gakupo. Alas, probably we'll never hear how V3/V4 would sound in Nata-P's hands.

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Witch Hunt Translation (31)

Witch Hunt returns!

Since I was asked, yes, I might release a Spanish version. Someone actually is/was translating it into Spanish but 1) I don't know where is it being posted, 2)I rather don't promote other translator's work without knowing for certain if they know what they're doing.

In any case, the rest of chapter 5. This is a loooong one, in comparison to previous instalments. Rather climactic one, as well.

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So... It's been a while.

You, hypothetical reader, may wonder what why I haven't posted in months. Honestly, it's a mix of RL issues, disappointment with the Vocaloid fandom in general and the alienation I tend to feel within it at times. Then there's the conversation I had with a Vocaloid producer a while ago which lead to the deletion of some of the videos in my channel. 

Even now, I go back and forth on whether my efforts are meaningless. I've always had and will continue to have problems connecting with people. My RL stuff is not completely resolved. 

H O W E V E R...

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Gakupo. That's a simple thing that I can fully happy about and celebrate. So, I'll try my best to add more content here and perhaps even complete some of my long-standing projects.

For starters, I'm going to try and post more Witch Hunt. I worry that I might end up misplacing the drafts I have for that and The Man Who Doesn't Know the Sun if I don't. 

So yeah, more translations to come.